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Feral Pig Trapping System


You’ll catch more feral pigs immediately.


Receive an alert when it’s time to trap.


The HogEye Camera works with any trap, anytime, anywhere.

Protect Your Investments From Feral Pigs


Give us a call to assess your Feral Pig problem.


We develop a plan for your trap and HogEye Camera.


Setup is simple. Choose from our custom installation or shipping option.

How Much Money Have You Lost In Feral Pig Damage?

HogEye Cameras Protect Your

Crops • Land • Water Quality • Native Wildlife & Habitats • Livestock Pastures • Farm Equipment

Feral Pig damage costs $106.5 million annually in Australia. How much money have you lost from Feral Pig damage? How long will you allow Feral Pigs to wreak havoc on your land? Reclaim your land, prevent unnecessary losses, and protect your investments with HogEye Cameras.

Helping Landowners Protect 1000s of Hectares Daily

Protect Your Investment from Feral Pigs.

  • 1 Camera $65/mth
  • 2 Cameras $120/mth
  • 3 Cameras $165/mth
  • Unlimited Viewing
  • No data contract required
  • Monthly Service & Support

Contact us for total package pricing covering camera/s through to a full trap and camera system set up on your property.

Stop Feral Pig damage before the problem escalates.

At HogEye Cameras we want to help you be a good steward of your land. To do that, you need tools to protect your land investment against all types of threats.

One threat that can reduce the value of your land dramatically is Feral Pigs. Feral Pigs destroy land, crops, livestock pastures, farm equipment, native wildlife and habitat, and carry disease. Feral Pigs can carry 45 different parasites and diseases. The three of highest concern are brucellosis, pseudorabies, and tularemia, which can infect deer, cattle, horses, dogs, sheep, and goats.

Feral Pigs are a serious pest species in Australia. They occur in all states and territories and on some large coastal islands. They cause and estimated $106.5 million damage to Australia’s agricultural industries, environment and social values each year.

Farmers, communities and governments invest time and valuable resources addressing the problems caused by Feral Pigs, and undertaking control to prevent damage to resources.

How much have Feral Pigs damaged your land or other investments? How much have you lost in revenue from damaged crops or pastureland? The really bad news is if you have a few Feral Pigs on your land today, in just a few years, you could have several hundred, and damage costs will escalate quickly. The good news is you can easily protect your land investment from Feral Pigs with the right tools.

We understand the damage Feral Pigs can do to your property, and we know how to stop it. We help hundreds of landowners protect nearly 1 million acres daily using HogEye Cameras. HogEye Cameras provide real-time video monitoring of your trap using your smartphone, allowing you to strategically drop the trap to maximize the number of Feral Pigs that you catch each time. That saves you time and money. HogEye Cameras allow you to trap from anywhere at any time using any trapping system. HogEye Cameras are durable and reliable, easy to setup and use. HogEye Cameras is the tool you need to manage your Feral Pig problem to protect your land and other investments.

Here’s how you can get HogEye Cameras installed on your trapping system. We have an easy, 3-step plan to make it simple for you to protect your land investment and other investments against Feral Pigs. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Call for a consultation. We will help you assess your Feral Pig problem with a free assessment tool that we have developed;
  2. Select a plan. We will help you select the best trapping solution for your situation to match with your new HogEye Camera; and
  3. Install the HogEye Camera onto your trapping system, and start catching Feral Pigs immediately to protect your land and other investments.

So call today and take control of your Feral Pig problem. It’s time that you had the right tool to protect your land and other investments against the damage costs that Feral Pigs cause.